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Our main goal is that every potential customer who walks through our door for the first time to inquire about our services, becomes a satisfied long-term client, not only for that initial service he was looking for, but also for all his corporate and legal needs. We aim to be seen by our clients as their first and best option for any of their business and personal legal requirements, and at very competitive fees.

We have followed this philosophy since we started operation in 1995, and those clients who hired our services back then, still rely on us as of today. We are proud to have 95% of recurrent clients.

We provide a full array of services, which has allowed us to become a “one-stop office”, where the clients can have all their need met without having to rely on other professionals, and with the guarantee that they will obtain the best results from our efforts.

Romina Ruíz Cárdenas


Romina Ruíz Cárdenas

ACT LEGAL Director

Federal Commercial Notary
(currently with license of separation)

Irlanda M. Cortes Arteaga

Closing Agent

Diana Carrasco Sollo

Management, Accounting and Finance

Rosa Marisela Ortega Romo

Foreign Trade
Industrial Property

Alejandro Quijano M.

Fiscal advisor
Real Estate

Sergio Torres Toscano

Valuation Department

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