Mediation Services

An alternative way to resolve conflicts or disputes between two or more parties is through the assistance of an uninterested third individual not involved in the conflict, so that she/he can be impartial and regulates the process of communication and agreements between the parties. The ultimate goal is to reach a settlement in which all parties involved are benefited and satisfied with the outcome, without the need of going through the process established by  courts and tribunals.

In addition to the advice provided in the mercantile field, in our firm  we recommend  these alternative avenues to resolve conflicts prior to resorting to the courts. We  are authorized to act as a mediator (facilitator) in the conflicts arising between businessmen, or between people executing contracts or agreements of mercantile nature, or other acts of commerce. It is important that,  prior to engaging in any business, you seek proper legal assistance in order to prevent potential conflicts. At ACT LEGAL we encourage our clients the take up the habit of prevention,  assisting them with their business or commercial transactions, during the entire negotiation process.

Our CEO is also certified as a Specialist in Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms by the Judicial Power of the State of Baja California Sur. Therefore,  all the agreements signed by the people who engage in mediation process will be legally considered as “res judicata” for all legal purposes. This reduces the costs and time that it usually takes to resolve a conflict via traditional judicial means in the courts.

It is also important to highlight that the agreements (pacts) reached through a mediation process are the results of  mutual agreement between the parties, making use of their autonomy and proposing their own alternative options for possible solutions, with the assistance and  guidance of our experts.

Main principles of mediation:

Free decision to participate

Independence in exercise of your rights

Cannot be disclosed in court

No rigid shapes

The mediator does not make his own judgments, opinions and prejudices

-Impartiality -
- the mediator has no personal favors, biases or preferences

balance between the parties

-Legality -
The limit is the will and public order

Efficiency in the use of time and resources

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