Appraisals conducted by a professional holding a license as appraisers issued by the Public Department of Education are accepted and recognized for financial, tax, legal, expert testimony and accounting purposes, among others.

We offer valuation services in the following areas:

  • Going Concern Value (valuation of the existing business in the current condition).
  • Intangible assets (brands, trademarks, shares, rights, concessions, good wills and commercial names).
  • Stocks
  • Assets (machinery and equipment, vehicles, vessels, crafts, office equipment).
  • Real Estate properties (lots, houses, condominiums, hotels, touristic developments).
  • Industrial Units.
  • Agricultural and rural assets.
  • Art Work (paints).

The list above is only indicative. If you are interested in obtaining an appraisal for an asset, good or service that is not specifically listed hereto, please contact us for further information.

In addition to the appraisals carried out as a licensed appraiser with Master´s Degree and Specialist in Valuation, our CEO also is authorized to prepare and carry out the following appraisals:

  • Assets (machinery and equipment, vehicles, vessels, crafts, office equipment).

  • Appraisals required for lawsuit and litigation issues filed at the courts of the State of Baja California Sur, with authorization number SGA 032/2012 issued to attorney Romina Ruiz Cardenas by the Supreme Court of the State of Baja California Sur in the areas of valuation of assets, real estate and businesses.
Attorney Romina Ruiz Cardenas, holds a master degree in Valuation with professional authorization number 7109625, a major in appraising of machinery and equipment with professional authorization number 869330, and a major in valuation of intangible assets with professional authorization number 1233961.

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