Federal Zone Concessions

The Legislation on National Property states that the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone is a National Property of Public Domain of the Federation, said zone is conformed as follows:

  • When the coast has beaches, along the twenty-meter wide strip of mainland, passable and contiguous to said beaches or, where appropriate, to the banks of rivers, from their mouths into the sea, up to a hundred meters river above;
  • The entire surface of the cays and reefs located in the territorial sea;
  • Lakes, lagoons, estuaries or natural deposits of marine water that communicate directly or indirectly with the sea. The twenty-meter strip of Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone will be counted from the point where the largest annual reservoir reaches or high tide limit; and
  • Artificial Marinas or estuaries dedicated to aquaculture. In this case, a Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone will not be delimited when, between said marinas or estuaries and the sea, there is a Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone. The Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone corresponding to the Marinas that do not fall in this category, will not exceed three meters in width and will be delimited ensuring that it does not interfere with the use or destination of its facilities.
The beaches, the Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone and the land reclaimed from the sea, or any other deposit that is formed with maritime waters, are Public Domain Assets of the Federation, inalienable and imprescriptible and as long as their legal situation does not vary. They are not subject to claim or action for definitive or provisional possession in order to be occupied and used. In this case, a temporary concession or permit is required from the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources.

ACT LEGAL has qualified experts with extensive experience in this matter. We carry out the necessary studies in order to obtain the concessions and permits for the generation of productive projects or for the enjoyment of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone for recreational use or other purposes.

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