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We opened our firm in 1995; since then, thanks to the continuous training of our CEO, we have increased the scope of services provided to become what it is now: a comprehensive consulting firm providing a wide range of services and legal advice. Among others, it offers legal advice in various areas such as corporate and maritime law, real estate, closings, valuation of all kinds of assets and services, and translations Spanish-English-Spanish.

Since we started operations, our firm has offered legal counseling and advise in real estate transactions, as well as in business, maritime, corporate, financing, intellectual property, and foreign investment matters. We also provide appraising and mediation services since our CEO, in addition of having a degree in Business Management and a degree as Attorney at Law, is also a Certified Mediator.

In the year 2021 our CEO received her certification as a Certified Mediator from the Judicial Department of the State of Baja California Sur, adding this resource to the portfolio of professional services our firm can provide.

We have assisted many clients as their legal advisors in all the paperwork involved during the acquisition of real estate in its various modalities (fee simple, real estate trusts, donation, inheritance, payment, etc.). We consider honesty as our main asset to offer our clients the best alternatives and choices available Not only do we have the experience acquired over almost three decades in this business, but we also possess the knowledge and capabilities to be the perfect solution to your requirements.

Please take a moment to visit our legal section hereto. There you will find a description of the variety of consulting services we offer, including official translations by a court authorized translator with more than 31 years of experience. We are convinced that, in addition of assisting you along the entire process to acquire your real estates and/or properties (closing process), we can also help you to deal with all the corporate and legal needs while doing business in Mexico. Also, if you are a foreign citizen planning to become more than just a visitor or a resident in our country, we can guide you throughout the process of opening your own business in this country.

We will be pleased to do for you the job that we certainly know how to do right and swiftly and at very competitive fees.

Comprehensive Services Office

We are able to provide an ample array of services that allows us to be a “one-stop office”, where our clients can find all their needs met without having to rely on further professional assistance. All this with the certainty that they will obtain the best results from our efforts.

Experience and professionalism to take care of your projects and business.

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