Trademarks & Commercial Names

Having a registered trademark or commercial name could be complex if you do not have knowledge and expertise, specially because of the recent changes in the Industrial Property Law whereby procedures, timings and terms for the registration of brands and commercial names. We have experience in this field, therefore we provide to the client, prior to request the corresponding registry of the trademark, a phonetic search with the intention to know from the very beginning the viability of the Brand. Then we proceed to request the corresponding trademark registration before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property, who as the competent authority will be the one issuing the corresponding title, and thus the client will have the legal exclusive right of the use of the registered mark for his/her products and/or services in Mexico.
In addition to obtaining the trade mark and/or commercial name for you, we also offer the services to valuate said brand or your business, which brings forth not only economic benefits for your business or entity, but also fiscal benefits. Our CEO has a Master´s Degree in Valuation, and a post-graduate degree in Valuation of Intangible Assets.

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