Corporate Law

Setting up of Corporations

Our firm provides assistance and legal services throughout the process of forming a Mexican Corporation, whether this is a limited partnership, general partnership, stock-corporation, or any other kind of corporation to accommodate your financial, fiscal, and corporate needs. We can assist you with the incorporation of your business, whether you need a Corporation 100% owned by foreigners or nationals, or a mixture of both; including the incorporation of those corporations which due to their nature and field of action require a special resolution from the National Commission of Foreign Investment or require a specific percentage of foreign investment.

Foreign Investment

Doing business in a foreign country requires the assistance of someone who is familiar with foreign investment and who has the experience in this field. Since 1995 our firm handles and advises in this area, providing legal services of registrations and all the corresponding follow up and legalization of documents to which all Mexican Corporations with foreign investment, regardless of the percentage, are bound to file, not only at the time of incorporating, but also during all the corporate life.
If your business is already incorporated and this has foreign investment on it, we assist you with all the registrations and notices that this corporation is bound to file in the Foreign Investment Department.

Partner's Meetings and Corporate Documents

Being a partner or stockholder of a Mexican Corporation brings forth documentation and legal paperwork which has to be properly filed and documented. There are many government agencies in which a Corporation must be registered and in good standing in order to avoid penalties and monetary sanctions. Our firm makes this process easy and painless. We keep your Corporation or Company in good standing with all the necessary agencies by reminding the client in a timely fashion and by processing all licenses and registration in due time and proper order.
We have extensive knowledge and understanding or Mexican Corporate Law, and our firm also can assist you in preparing, filing and legalizing all the partner's meetings, or stockholders resolutions, preparing the stock book and the partner's book, documenting and preparing the stocks certificates, filing the legalized minutes in the corresponding registries, and in general assisting you with any legal document that you, as a partner or stockholder, could ever need according to the law.

Foreign Corporations doing Business in Mexico

We also offer you the option of bringing your foreign corporation or business into Mexico, and legalize it here, so that you can operate it legally and according to both, the law of your country and the Mexican Law; and of course, abiding by Fiscal law as well and international treaties.
We invite you to refer to the section titled “ Federal Public Mercantile Attestor ” of our webpage to view the services that we can provide for mercantile and business transactions such as incorporation of mercantile entities, legalization of contracts, and appraisals amongst others.

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