Arbitration Dispute Resolution

Sometimes the conflicts and disputes that arise between individuals or businessmen, derived from mercantile acts, agreements, or contracts; or those disputes arising between suppliers and consumers cannot be resolved through mediation, and it becomes necessary to proceed with arbitration as an alternative means to solve the dispute or the conflict. In this case it would be a commercial arbitration.

The person in charge of the Correduria Pública Number Nine is empowered by Law to act as arbitrator in the solution of mercantile disputes or controversies; either through the institutional arbitration pursuant to the arbitration rules of the institution chosen by the parties, national or foreigner; or through the ad-hoc arbitration pursuant to Chapter IV, Book V of the current Commerce Code.

It is said that “good arbitration depends on a very good arbitration clause, as well as a good arbitrator”, in this regard the success of arbitration depends on how the arbitration clause is written, and how knowledgeable are the arbitrator or arbitration board accordingly. All the contracts and articles of incorporation that we prepare in this firm, contain an arbitration clause, which complies with all the requirements to be enforceable.

The use of arbitration in Mexico is being accepted more often as it has advantages over the Judicial Courts, advantages.

Ensure the legality of the Activities
We can provide you with advice on the elaboration of your contracts with arbitration clause, or assist you as arbitrator in a dispute or controversy.


The arbitration procedure is faster than the Judicial Courts. The arbitration ruling (judgment) is not subject to appeal

Judicial Certainty

The arbitration ruling has the same strength than a Court Judgment, and is susceptible of application in other countries.


The appointed arbitrator acts impartially and independently..

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